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Some weeks had passed since I first spied by gfporntube Tanya Jane was captured. As I said in Part 1, I thought this would be one time, was passed mainly in the course of time, and nothing had been said. was working from home, Jane was at gfporntube work. I was sitting at the computer writing a sales report, if there was a knock at the door. I got up and went to see who it was. Opening the door I met Tanya. I invited her and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Tanya said she needed my help. She had a moment some new furniture later that morning but had to leave. She suggested that I take my laptop with its round and so on. We had our cup of tea, then its path. When we reached the door, I was standing behind her and saw her shapely behind. He had one of those gypsy skirts that were fashionable during the summer, a small peak, which showed her flat stomach and high-heeled sandals. The material of the skirt was thin and lightI could see her tiny thong nice ass. When you turned the key in the door he turned and began searching. She just smiled and went in. After five minutes left the house. An hour and a half and hit the door. They were kids furniture. They brought the new cabinet and chest and pull in. Then they left. Since the objects were in flat packs I thought I might as well take things up. I decided to pack up and go all they have in common with the application. First I had to empty the furniture. I was removing the relay when gfporntube I came to make Tanya 's underwear. What man could resist. I started looking at all the panties and bras. My cock began to simply hard to imagine, Tanya them. I have a bit of a shock when I saw in the next drawing. It was filled to the brim with toys. Dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, gfporntube creams and lotions. I took one of the dildo, which was about 12 'long, black and very thick. ' This is a favorite of Jane! ' I turned to the doorway. Tanya stood up and looked at me with a cheeky grin on his face. ' Did I just hear correctly, you said that Jane 's favorite places ?' I said, completely in shock, but the thought of arroused. Tanya and then crossed the room and stood very close to me, then looked into my lap and put his hand there. While stroking my cock said: 'Jane and I love to fuck with my toys, a big one to make them cum hard. ' He put his hand down my pants and pull the tail in the air. He kept straight and proud. 'Jane told me I had a great lover, and she would be happy to fuck you and me, what is there to do some exercise, do you see ?' Said Tanya looked me straight in the eye. Then she turned away from me and opened the dress she was wearing slipped to the ground. gfporntube lifted his shirt over his head exposing her breasts bold. Then slowly, he turned to ask me what I thought, 'Just great! ' Together we can kiss. After a moment orr two I think in his way kneck, kissing and biting his gfporntube gentlely. Then I put one of her breasts and held it to his mouth and started sucking like a newborn baby. She was moaning softly, 'Mmmmm that's good' and then slowly dropped to his knees and slide down my pants and my gfporntube penis was fully erect in front of his face. She looked at me and then slid my cock all over her throat. I was surprised how much I was gfporntube able to swallow, astonished. She made ​​my cock very wet and messy, licky from base to tip, then back in the throat. After five minutes of this he threw at gfporntube his feet, got up and carried her to bed. Then grab the ankle and gfporntube remember their hind legs and pushed my face into her pussy. She was completely soaked. She moaned and screamed : ' That's what dirty bastard, make me cum, UUMMmmmm yes. ' Tania began grinding her pussy against my face. He was covered in her juices. I pushed further back legs and started licking her ass. see thisms to do the trick, 'you barstar, I will finish, OHHH Yes, Aaahhhh, ohhhhh ! ' Cum did. Tanya is the first woman I've known that squirt when she cums hard. She showered my face, I love it. When I calmed down a bit around and play better than I do the ass. She enjoyed it, lifting his ass out of bed to meet my strokes. Then I realized that I have. I picked it up on all fours and put his cock at the entrance to her love wet hole. As I slid my cock began grabs, sucks more inside. I was in heaven! 'God takes me right! Harder, harder! Oohhh shit I am!' He said. I was kneeling on my dick so hard and so fast that the next 15 minutes is murky. Then I pulled my cock. Reaching through the toys they had, and pick the dildo I had ealier place. I slipped my cock into her mouth and told to suck cock. Then I spread her legs and started sucking her clit, put me into the huge dildo in her pussy, in and out he went. I told him that tHat he wanted to run and began to swallow more and more of my cock in her throat. 'Fuck yeah Oohh. You bitch in heat, that is,' I said when I started to cum. This seemed to send Tanya over gfporntube the edge and came at a time. The two lay down exhausted. Both are grinning like Cheshire cats. We spent the next few hours pleasure each other. It was good gfporntube practice for what was to happen later in the coming weeks. Get in touch if you like this story.
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